On February 24, 2022, the Russian offensive in Ukraine began.
Internationally considered a war of aggression, it’s the most significant military conflict in Europe since World War II.
Kyiv, Mariupol, Kharkiv, and many other cities became the target of massive shelling while ground troops entered Ukrainian territory from Russia and Belarus.
In an instant, the life of Ukrainians was turned upside down; the population found themselves having to spend nights or even days in the cold underground shelters. People who had never carried a rifle found themselves on the front lines to defend their families and their country.
The invasion has also caused one of the largest refugee crises in Europe, with millions of Ukrainian families fleeing their country. Most refugees were women and children since Ukrainian males aged 18 to 60 were denied exit from Ukraine.
Car, train, bus or even on foot… Journeys lasting days in sub-zero temperatures trying to reach neighbouring countries, especially Poland, to escape from danger in the hope of returning to their country as soon as possible to embrace their husbands, children or parents.
These are those families…
Ella with her 6-year-old son Kirvin. Her husband stayed in Kharkiv to fight. Together with them, Lea, Kirvin’s aunt. The shelling convinced them to leave. Medyka (Poland) - 2022
Nikita, 17, and her 15-year-old sister and 4-year-old brother from Kyiv. The parents, both policemen, remained to protect the city. Przemysl (Polonia) - 2022
Natalia with her sons Ivan and Timon, together with their cat. They left Kyiv to reach the Poland border after 24 hours. Medyka (Poland) - 2022
Maria and her twin son Kostya and Liosha are the only ones of the whole family that left Kyiv. Ukraine soldiers helped them to reach the border after their car broke up. Medyka (Poland) - 2022
Julia with her son Nikola, 7yo, from Ivano-Frankivs’k. Nikola’s father and all his parents are now volunteering in their city, making Molotov. Medyka (Poland) - 2022
Julia, her mother and her two children, Sergej and Nicole. Flee from Okhtyrka leaving their husband and father are currently enrolled with defence forces. Medyka (Poland) - 2022
After a long journey from Mykolaïv throw Odessa and L'viv, Anna with her three children and mother in law finally arrived in Poland, where Anna's sister will host them. Her husband remains in their city, trying to protect it. Medyka (Poland) - 2022
Yelena, with her four children and her sister, left Kyiv after the continuous shelling. Both left their husband enrolled in the territorial defence forces. Medyka (Poland) - 2022
20 hours by train from Kryvyj Rih. Veronika with her two children, Nasar (8yo) and Nikita (3yo), and her mother. Their father decides to protect their city while their parents are internally displaced in Ivano-Frankivs’k. Medyka (Poland) - 2022

Polina, 23 years old, from Kyiv. She left all her family in Ukraine, they all decided to remain. Medyka (Poland) - 2022

Marina with her daughter Veronica and Olga. Her husband Sergej is still in their city, Podolski, where he decided to join the army. Medyka (Poland) - 2022
After seven days spent in shelter, Victoria and her daughter Valeria, along with their dogs, left Ukraine. Finally, they reach the Poland border after travelling for two days. Victoria’s son and husband are now fighting against the Russian army from the first day. Medyka (Poland) - 2022
Maryia and her sister Olga, together with their children, fleed from Odessa to reach the Poland border after an extremely long journey. Family men take up arms to protect their country. Medyka (Poland) - 2022
Kateryna with her daughter and her two grandchildren. They left Zaporižžja by train until L’viv to reach the border by foot. Her daughter’s husband is now fighting with the army. Korczowa (Poland) - 2022
Arction, 9 years old, and her sister Victoria, 3 years old, alongside their mother. Their father and all the rest of the family are now fighting together with the army in Ivano-Frankivs’k. Medyka (Poland) - 2022

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